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Upgrade Your Mattress Production Line with Yuantian Mattress Machinery YT-DS-8A Featuring Air Table Lockstitch Edge Machine

Introducing the Yuantian Mattress Machinery YT-DS-8A, equipped with an air table serging machine that can lift the presser foot up to a height of 4.2cm, effortlessly handling thick fabrics. The new generation version features a brand-new air table design, reducing fabric adhesion and friction, allowing the fabric to move freely and bid farewell to cumbersome […]


How Much Does a Mattress Tape Edge Machine Cost?

Are you curious about the investment required for a mattress tape edge machine? There are different types of mattress tape edge machines, and each has a different price.


Unleashing the Power of Pocket Spring Machine

With its ability to produce high-quality pocket springs at scale, the pocket spring machine revolutionizes the mattress manufacturing industry.


The Long Arm Quilting Machine: Revolutionizing the Art of Quilting

The long arm quilting machine is a crucial tool for quilters, providing efficiency, precision and versatility for quilting projects.


Innovations Driving the Mattress Manufacturing Industry Forward

The Mattress manufacturing industry has experienced significant advancements in recent years, driven by a combination of technological innovations and evolving consumer preferences. As the world continues to prioritize comfort, quality, and sustainability, the industry has responded with a range of groundbreaking developments that are shaping the future of sleep. One of the most notable trends in […]


Detailed Operating Manual for Yuantian Mattress Rolling, Compressing, and Packaging Machine

I. Introduction As a company specializing in the research, development, and manufacturing of mattress production equipment, Yuantian Company has always adhered to the business philosophy of customer-centeredness and quality-orientedness. The mattress rolling, compressing, and packaging machine, as one of our star products, is deeply loved by customers both at home and abroad due to its […]


The Yuantian Company shined at the Guangzhou Home Furnishing Expo, receiving accolades for its intelligent manufacturing technology, and successfully concluded its four-day participation!

With the conclusion of the Guangzhou Home Furnishing Expo, Yuantian, with its stunning showcase of mattress intelligent manufacturing equipment, emerged as a hot topic of discussion within the industry. As a major event in the home furnishing sector, the Expo gathered elite forces from the global home furnishing industry, serving as an important platform for […]


The 53rd 2024 China Guanazhou International Furniture Production Equipment and Ingredients Exhibition is just one day away!

The 53rd 2024 China Guanazhou International Furniture Production Equipment and Ingredients Exhibition is just one day away! Yuantian Corporation cordially invites global customers to visit and witness the stunning debut of our intelligent mattress manufacturing machinery and mattress production line solutions. From March 28th to March 31st, the Canton Fair gathers elite forces from the […]


Tutorial and Troubleshooting Guide for the Use of Edge Taping Machine in Mattress Machinery Manufacturing

Section 1: Tutorial for the Use of Edge Wrapping MachineAs a crucial piece of equipment in mattress machinery manufacturing, the correct and efficient use of the edge wrapping machine is directly related to the efficiency and quality of mattress production. This tutorial aims to provide users with detailed operational steps and precautions for the edge […]


The International Landscape of Mattress Manufacturing and the Green Development Path of Yuantian Company

In today’s era of global economic integration, the mattress manufacturing industry, as a crucial component of the home furnishing sector, faces evolving international landscapes that not only impact the survival and growth of enterprises but also pose a profound test to the concept of sustainable development. Amidst fierce market competition and dual pressures from resources […]


Preheating for Yuantian Mattress Machinery at the Canton Fair: Innovating and Upgrading Together to Create a New Chapter in the Future Sleep Industry

Dear customer, We are delighted to inform you that Yuantian Mattress Machinery Company will be attending the Canton Fair, which will be held in Guangzhou, China, from March 28th to March 31st, 2023. As one of the leading enterprises in the mattress equipment manufacturing industry, we are looking forward to meeting you at this grand exhibition to […]


Mastering Tape Edge Machines: A Comprehensive Guide

This guide covers tape edge machine’s working principles, types, functions, maintenance, and future trends, aiming to give you a comprehensive understanding of tape edge machines.


Yuantian Mattress Machinery: Back to Work After Chinese New Year

Yuantian Mattress Machinery Co., Ltd. in Foshan returned to work this week after the Chinese New Year holiday. As we resume operations, our team is committed to resolving any outstanding issues that may have arisen during the holiday break. Customers looking to inquire about machine specifications and pricing can contact our staff through the appropriate […]


Yuantian Mattress Machinery: Spring Festival Holiday Announcement

At Yuantian Mattress Machinery, we understand the importance of providing uninterrupted service and support to our clients, even during holidays. As a leading company in the mattress machinery industry, we strive to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations year-round. However, the upcoming Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is an important holiday […]


The Essence of the Yuantian Mattress Manufacturing Machine Production Line: Behind the Scenes of Excellence

As a professional translator, I am thrilled to present the Yuanda Mattress Manufacturing Machine Production Line in all its glory. This exceptional production line embodies the pinnacle of technological advancement, ensuring unparalleled quality in every mattress it produces. Innovation in Design:The Yuantian production line harnesses the power of automation, seamlessly integrating intelligent machines into a streamlined […]


Yuantian Mattress Edging Machine: Pioneering Quality, Writing a New Chapter in the Mattress Manufacturing Industry

In today’s fiercely competitive mattress manufacturing industry, product quality and innovation are the keys to capturing the market. As a leader in the industry, Yuan Tian has always been at the forefront of technology, committed to delivering exceptional mattress products to global customers. Today, we will delve into the star product of Yuan Tian – […]


Advanced Techniques With Double-Head Single Needle Quilting

Yuantian double-head quilting machine is a type of industrial sewing machine specifically designed for quilting tasks.


Traditional Mattress Coil System In Bonnel Spring Machine

Bonnell spring machine is a type of equipment used in the manufacturing of bonnell springs, which are a common type of coil spring used in mattress construction.


Yuantian Mattress Manufacturing Equipment – New Edge Banding Machine YT-WB-7B: Intelligent Control, Time and Effort Saving

In the rapidly developing modern society, time is money and efficiency is life.The new edge-banding machine YT-WB-7B from Yuantian Mattress Manufacturing Equipment has become an indispensable assistant in industries such as mattress manufacturing, clothing processing, and construction, due to its unique advantages of intelligent control, time-saving and labor-saving capabilities. This brand-new edge-banding machine is the […]


Exploring the Automatic Fabric Cutting And Roll Machine

Yuantian Fabric cutting and roll machines are cutting-edge piece of equipment designed to automate the process of cutting wide fabric rolls into narrower strips with precision and efficiency.


Industry News: Yuantian Mattress Manufacturing Equipment

As the mattress industry continues to rapidly develop, the demand for high-quality mattresses is constantly increasing. Therefore, the market for mattress manufacturing equipment is also booming.


Intelligent Technology Revolution: The Automation Era of Mattress Manufacturing Industry!

The emergence and development of new technologies such as robots and artificial intelligence will also greatly promote the development of industrial automation.


We cordially invite you to attend the exhibition that will be held from September 5th to 8th in Shanghai.

The event will bring together leading companies and industry experts from around the world, providing you with the latest mattress machinery products and technologies.


Ultimate Guide To Purchasing Sew Machines For Quilting

The best quilting sewing machine is one that suits the quilter's professional level and budget and suitable for sewing large, bulky materials.


【Yuantian Company】—— Providing You with High-quality Mattress Manufacturing Equipment

Yuantian Company is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production, and sales of mattress manufacturing equipment.


Ins And Outs of Single Needle Quilting Machine

Yuantian quilting machine is used to sew stitches in patterns or rows while passing through layers of fabric using a chosen technique.


Exploring The Technology of Pocket Spring Machines

Pocket spring machines have significantly enhanced working efficiency in the manufacturing process.


Improving efficiency and energy conservation, Yuantian Company introduces new production equipment

To promote efficient and energy-saving production, our company has introduced a full pay production equipment – laser cutting machine.


All employees of Yuantian Company wish you a healthy Dragon Boat Festival and a happy family!

Here, all employees of Yuantian Company wish you a healthy Dragon Boat Festival and a happy family!


Braving the Wind and Waves at the Cologne Exhibition in Germany!

The INTERZUM2023 Furniture Production, Carpentry, and Interior Decoration Exhibition was held from May 9-12 at the Cologne Exhibition Center in Germany.


Fabric Quilting Machines: The Key to Custom Mattress Design And Manufacturing

By using quilting machines, mattress manufacturers can customize the quilting patterns and create unique designs.


Bonnell Spring Machines In The Mattress Industry

Yuantian bonnell spring machine can produce high-quality Bonnell spring mattresses.


Stay Tuned For The Cologne Exhibition In Germany

We look forward to discussing technology and development with everyone at this exhibition, seeking close cooperation, developing the market, and creating new highs again!


2023 Yuantian Company Guangzhou Furniture Exhibition Concludes Successfully

On March 28, 2023, the China (Guangzhou) International Furniture Production Equipment and Ingredients Exhibition was grandly launched at the Guangzhou Pazhou Canton Fair Exhibition Hall.


Mattress Rolling Machine Stays Ahead of The Competition

Yuantian automatic spring rolling mattress machine is a type of industrial machinery used for the mass production of coiled springs.


Client Guide To Long Arm Quilting Machine

With this machine, you can easily sew together the top, batting, and backing layers of a quilt, resulting in a complete quilt.


Guangzhou Pazhou Canton Fair Complex Invitation

We are sincerely invite you To visit Us in Guangzhou pazhouCanton Fair complex.


The epidemic recedes and sets sail

The epidemic has been under control for three years. Some enterprises in China have declined in silence, while others have saved energy in silence, like a dormant lion, waiting for the opportunity to


Quilting Sewing Machine And Packing Machine Research

Quilting sewing machines and mattress sewing machines are two essential tools for those in the textile and bedding industries.


Notice of resumption of work

On the 11th of the first month, our company has officially started to deal with business. Customers who need it can contact us directly by issuing inquiry email on the official website backstage!


Chinese New Year Holiday Begins

The Spring Festival in 2023 is coming, and all employees of our company thank you for your strong support and new arrival all the time.


Want To Be A Good Bonnell Spring Mattress Manufacturer ?

Take a look at Yuantian's mattress manufacturing machinery, maybe it will help you !


Christmas is coming! Yuantian organized a collection of product strategies!

Dear customers,Wish your happiness and family peace,Merry Christmas!


Committed to Intelligent Transformation and Promoting Enterprise Development

With the slogan of rejuvenating the country through science and technology, a new wave of reform in China has begun to open up, from traditional manufacturing to high-tech industries.


How A Mattress Quilting Machine In Decorating Design ?

Quilting is the sewing together of different layers of textile materials such as fabric, polyester fiber, non-woven fabric, foam, etc.


Assist in technological innovation, promote and lead the market

Today, Zhou Mutang, the second level inspector of the Provincial Department of Science and Technology, and Zou Shuling, the secretary-general of Guangdong Hi tech Enterprises Association, accompanied by Chen Weicheng, the secretary-general of Foshan Hi tech Enterprises Association, came to the company for inspection and guidance.


Intelligent Manufacturing Enterprise, Aiming at "Quality" Manufacturing

Yuantian has been adhering to the concept of quality first for 40 years of development. From the four national standards in 2009 to the group standards in Foshan in 2022, Yuantian attaches great impor


What The Pocket Spring Machine Brings To Business ?

Pocket spring machines are designed specifically to design pocket spring mattresses.


Automatic Sewing Machine And Quilting Machines Review

YuanTian's professional sewing machines can sew not only fabrics but also other materials such as bags, foam, tents, etc.


Professor Wan Zhenping (doctoral advisor) led three doctors to Yuantian

Professor Wan Zhenping (doctoral advisor) led three doctors to Yuantian Company in Nanhai District to offer advice and suggestions for the enterprise to become "expertise, innovation and innovation".


Photovoltaic Project Started

Today, the 814.8KW photovoltaic project of Yuantian Company has finally started due to the beautiful weather.


Why is mattress production line becoming the first choice of customers?

Dear customers and partners, you can guess from our title that this edition will discuss the mystery with you based on the popular reasons for the selection of mattress production line


Party Building Leads Innovation, And Digital Intelligence Enables Development

Yuantian Group Visited Jiateng Robotics


Research Group of National Development Institute of Peking University Explores Intelligent Digital Transformation In Depth

On August 10, 2022, a special research group led by Zhang Dandan, associate professor of economics at the National Development Research Institute of Peking University, came to Yuantian company.


Congratulations to Yuantian for Passing the "Foshan standard" Review!

Foshan standard is a series of advanced standards created by Foshan City to promote the high-quality development of manufacturing industry.


An Article Tells You How To Choose A Cost-Effective Mattress Taping Product!

With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more people have higher requirements for the quality of life. Research shows that people around the world are aware of the importance of com


Industry Information: Mattress New Packaging Technology

Combined with high-tech mechanical products, bed bottom packaging becomes more convenient and humanized. Yuantian will share with you how to pack mattress products.


Customer case | Mattress Intelligent Production

As a professional mattress manufacturer, we have stable cooperative customers all over the world. From retail processing plants to assembly line production plans


[exhibition information] the 49th China Guangzhou International Furniture production equipment and Ingredients Exhibition in 2022, we meet you in Pazhou, Guangzhou

In the exhibition layout, we also provided customers with the latest VR materials and the latest mechanical product videos of our company, so that customers can be as immersive as our factory even in


Foshan enterprises enter the digital and intelligent benchmarking demonstration enterprise activity

The informatization director of Yuantian company introduced the informatization process and experience of Yuantian company in recent 20 years to the guests.


Industrial Sewing Machines For Personalization

Yuantian industrial sewing machine for sale covered for all your sewing machine needs at competitive prices and advantages.


Quality Comes From Specialty,Brand Comes From Value

We firmly believe that "quality comes from specialty" and specialty needs to start from every employee.


How To Distinguish The Industrial Quilting Machines And Sewing Machine

A basic understanding of difference of quilting machines and sewing quilting is vital for making better purchasing plans.


People Work Hard, Spring Comes Early And Wisdom Builds on The Momentum

On February 17, 2022, the digital intelligent manufacturing expert group came to Yuantian to conduct research.


Firmly Practice Digital Application

The group first went to the digital workshop to experience it. Then, in-depth exchanges and discussions were held in the company's large conference room.


The Investigation Activity of Digital Intelligence Transformation And Development Of Manufacturing Enterprises Was Held In Yuantian Company.

In the afternoon of March 3, Lishui General Chamber of Commerce, together with the town economic development office, walked into Foshan Yuantian bedding machinery Co., Ltd.


Yuantian Management Improvement Training Course

On November 19, Yuantian company and Huagong Lean Management Research Center signed the second round of the training content of six topics.


Intelligent Manufacturing Accelerates At The Right Time

On November 12, 2021, in the large conference room of Yuantian company, the digital and intelligent upgrading project of Yuantian company's assembly workshop was officially launched.


Doctoral project: in depth research on Intelligent Manufacturing

On the afternoon of November 6, 2021, in the conference room of Yuantian company, an online post doctoral opening report meeting is being held.


Party Building Activities In Guangdong Furniture Industry

More than ten people from Guangdong Furniture Association, Shunde Furniture Association and Lecong Furniture Association visited Yuantian company and exchanged views on Party building.


Yuantian Company Patent Knowledge Improvement Training Course

The main teaching contents are patent foundation Excavate professional knowledge such as layout and disclosure writing.


Lishui Manufacturing Enterprises Digital Intelligence Transformation And Development Investigation Activities And Urban Policy Publicity Meeting Were Held In Yuantian Company

It is hoped that this activity will inspire them and accelerate the digital and intelligent transformation and upgrading of Lishui manufacturing enterprises.


Symposium on door-to-door service research of "quality engineering" warm Enterprises

The main contents of this symposium focused on the Foshan standard products recommended by Yuantian company Enterprise's work in standardization and intellectual property rights and related service ne


Congratulations on the 40th anniversary of Yuantian company!

Since the 40th anniversary, we are grateful to all our partners who have accompanied us through ups and downs and shared weal and woe.


Explore the mystery of enterprise transformation and upgrading, and the enterprise leaders of the high tech Zone visited Yuantian for guidance.

On July 6, 2021, in order to explore the application experience of digital economy transformation and upgrading of small and medium-sized enterprises and promote the development of industrial Internet


Promote Industrial Intelligence and Move Towards Industrial 4.0

"Promote industrial intelligence and move towards industry 4.0", "realize China's intelligent system 2025 and consolidate Yuantian's century old foundation".


Anti Epidemic Front, Yuantian Is On The Road

In this battle, Yuantian will resolutely win the people's war, the general war and the war of resistance against the epidemic with stronger confidence, stronger will, more decisive measures and more p


After the Spring Festival, Yuantian Company Resumed Work!

In the new year, Yuantian company wishes you good health, good luck and prosperous business.


Promote Industrial Transformation and Upgrading in Traditional Manufacturing Industry

For many years, Yuantian has strict requirements for technical innovation and equipment in mattress manufacturing.


Industrial Internet Make Enterprises Stable and Far-reaching

As one of the seven "new infrastructures", the importance of industrial Internet has been paid more and more attention.


The General Manager of Yuantian Extended Sincere Congratulations to 2022

At the beginning of the new year in 2022, on behalf of Yuantian, general manager Li Jiye extended holiday wishes to leaders at all levels, global customers, friends.


The Mattress Manufacturing Smart Workshop

Yuantian has been constantly exploring and researching, making our mattress machinery can save labor costs, reduce material waste, and improve production speed.


One of the Best Selling Machines [2021]

Based on customer feedback, combined with website inquiry data, we recommend to you the best-selling edge sealer. It is YT-WB-4A.


Holiday Notice [China's National Day 2021]

For the National Day of 2021, Yuantian will have a holiday from October 1 to 4. During the holidays, if you have any questions, please leave us a message or send us an email to


Yuantian League Branch Activity Day

The Youth League branch of Foshan Yuantian Mattress Machinery Co., Ltd. held a Youth League Day activity to learn the history of the establishment of the internal party and League.


The 47th China International Furniture Fair In GuangZhou

Our company reached the intention with many customers at the exhibition, signed a large number of orders.


New Appearance Update of Yuantian Automatic Selvedge Machine YT-SB-9

The magic 2020 has finally become the past, and 2021 is also coming in our joy and expectation.


Yuantian Will Focus on the Launch of Automatic Mattress Public Relations

Yuantian set a precedent for the industry and this year it will focus on the introduction of fully automatic mattress pr In view of the current market.


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