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The President’s Address


          In Chinese traditional culture, the age of 30 is endowed with a special meaning. The sage Confucius set the assertion that a man should be independent at the age of thirty, implying that a person should be mature and stand on his own bottom. This assertion is advisable for human beings, so it is for an enterprise and even for the historical progress probably.


          Yuantian is just a small one among the innumerable private enterprises.I feel it very fortunate that Yuantian has developed quite smoothly and successfully in general in these thirty-five years, growing out of nothing, from weak to strong. There are luxuriant trees and fragrant flowers, broad roads and bright workshops in the tranquil village of Guanglian.  This is Yuantian, which develops from a manual workshop to a famous enterprise in the industry, from product image to formulate and implement the four national standards. We have opened up the broad prospect with the consciousness of development congealed by unceasing learning and innovation and the striving impetus stimulated by serving the country through the industry and promoting the industry through science and technology.

          It is natural that we have encountered a lot of difficulties during the past thirty-five years. The ancients considered that people should make best use of their strengths and circumvent their weaknesses. However, from my point of view, I hold that the weakness of the enterprises are unavoidable and cannot be avoided. The only solution is to make every effort to improve it. The publication of this album is also a process of making improvement. Therefore, we summarize systematically and reflect and analyze the gain and loss as we are not content with merely getting the result, we prefer to know the reason. Consequently, we have got some reflection on operating an enterprise and summarized it as the insight about operating Yuantian, which may be of great significance for Yuantian’s future development.


          I assume more and greater responsibilities after I have taken charge of Yuantian for thirty-five years. Today, Yuantian has taken its place in the field of domestic mattress machinery, becoming mature and fulfilling independent at its 30th anniversary. However, in the current era of rapid scientific and technological development and the global economic integration, knowledge, technology and information is updating every day so that people are often bewilder. Thus, I should have the attitude without doubt of maintaining sober head and humble mind, learning and absorbing new thins unceasingly, broadening my horizons on management and enriching corporate culture to meet the test of the market actively.

It is important to realize that Yuantian cannot achieve the development and progress without the leaders, teachers, friends and the staff who have always been caring and supporting us. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of them with the publication of this album.


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