What is The Mattress Manufacturing Smart Workshop?


The Mattress Manufacturing Smart Workshop



1、Advanced Automatic Mattress Production Machinery

Yuantian company’s equipment products have been covered all link of mattress production and processing,we can provide each mattress production process corresponding equipment products for customers.Yuantian company have a research and development center at At the provincial level and professional,high efficiency r&d team.We can satisfy customers‘needs of customized developments,research, innovation and optimization of each product to ensure that provide the safe,stable, efficient and high-quality products for them.


2、Smart Mattress Production Line

According to the field area and production demand of the customer's factory, Yuantian company can customize the mattress manufacturing smart production line for the customer, so as to maximize the use of space resources in the production workshop, make the production process unimpeded, and realize the functions of mattress production and production efficiency maximization.



3、【M-MES】Mattress Manufacturing Execution System

Mattress manufacturing and production execution system (M-MES) is a set of mattress production management system specially built by yuantian company for mattress manufacturing enterprises. This system can comprehensively manage production information such as production schedule, production cost, production quality, employee performance and material inventory.It can realize real-time information management of mattress production.

//v4-upload.goalsites.com/474/1584432770_Mattress Manufacturing Execution System.png

M-MES system application process is as follows:
1. By using a mobile phone or scanning equipment to scan the code can be realized raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products of the automatic receipt and delivery system automatic accounting.
2. During the production process, employees can clearly record the flow direction of each product by scanning the code with mobile phones or scanning devices.
3. The system can automatically calculate the order progress, process qualification rate, quality analysis, material cost and workers' piecework wages.
4.Can automatically generate all kinds of data analysis reports, so that managers at a glance.


4、Customized Data Display Board

If equipment and production lines are a human's body, data display board is his brain.Data display board can summarize multi-party data in the production site. Through data collection, sorting, analysis and summary, it can provide data support for managers and decision makers to make decisions, so as to achieve real-time control of production status and efficient decision-making.

Main features of data display board:
1、Professional software interface support, and ERP system, MES system, WMS system, CRM system, OA system and bar code system data seamless docking, data real-time display, to achieve the information management of the factory;
2、Support TV, computer, mobile phone, tablet check online , so that managers can grasp the production trends anytime and anywhere.
3、Support a variety of statistical chart form display, you can customize their own dedicated display board.
4、Easy installation and rapid deployment: no special requirements on the installation location, can quickly realize the system deployment.

Customized Data Display Board


 5、Mattress Machines Managing Cloud Platform

Mattress Machines Managing Cloud Platform is the Yuantian company specially built for its own customers for equipment management and maintenance of a cloud platform application system, the "gateway + + platform + application" one-stop solution, it provides equipment connection, data collection, real-time monitoring, fault warning, remote control, online diagnosis, remote after-sales service, operation statistics and other application services, let customers all-round grasp the status of the production equipment, and carry on the management of equipment life cycle.

Five services of mattress manufacturing smart workshop service system

The functions of cloud platform:
1、Device status cloud display board, to achieve real-time monitoring of the use of equipment.
2、Equipment failure warning, solve potential failure risk in advance, reduce equipment failure rate, improve production efficiency.
3、Equipment common problem solving guide, to provide maintenance personnel with equipment related maintenance knowledge learning, timely troubleshooting.
4、After sales by remote service, diagnose problems by online video and audio, propose solutions, solve problems timely, save time and cost.
5、Solve system malfunction remotely, update equipment system and program through remote transmission, solve system malfunction timely.
6、Take the initiative to report errors and provide improvement suggestions to facilitate equipment upgrading.
7、It can dock with other systems, do data fusion, and obtain the most accurate data.

The five key components of mattress manufacturing smart workshop not only can complement each other but also can used alone.Yuantian company provides customers with five services for the transformation and upgrading of mattress manufacturing to the intelligent direction, which are respectively carried out for the five important components of the intelligent workshop.

Five services of mattress manufacturing smart workshop service system:
1.Mattress manufacturing equipment customization
2.Mattress manufacturing smart production line
3.Data display board customization
4.Mattress manufacturing executive system customization
5.Mattress manufacturing equipment management cloud platform services

The above services can be through the combination of the form, can also be a separate quotation, the need for customers welcome to inquire.