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Process required to complete a finished mattress:
1.Choose the steel wire that can make the bed net spring above all (can throw on the ground the stand or fall that decides the spring that needs, the person that falls sound is clear is superior)
2.Using a spring coiling machine to roll the wire into a spring, and then according to the customer's choice of requirements to decide whether to need non-woven fabric bag spring said directly into the bed.
3.If it needs to be made into a bag spring, to make the required size according to the parameters of the spring coiling machine, and then use the viscose machine to glue into the bed network;
4.After selecting the fabric, the fabric cutting machine is used to cut the fabric to the required size, the quilter is used to draw the required pattern on the fabric, and the trademark machine is used to sew the trademark on the fabric.
5.Then use side quilter machine on the edge of the mattress sewing the required pattern, after the completion of the above process, can be used to lock the edge of the machine and fabric fixed, and then put on the bed net, sponge after the use of the edge of the whole mattress machine to secure the four sides of the suture.
6.Finally, the use of the mattress packaging machine finished mattress packaging can be good.
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