Tape Edge Machine (YT-WBP-01-A)
Tape Edge Machine (YT-WBP-01-A)
  • Tape Edge Machine (YT-WBP-01-A)
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Tape Edge Machine (YT-WBP-01-A)

1.Adopt advanced chain stitch sewing head,
2. Level track operation, electromagnetic clutch control,
3. Available mattress Thickness: 50-450mm,
4. Worktable size: 1600 × 2000mm,
5.Table and sewing head are auto lifting,auto slow down at corners, infinitely variable speeds for faster steady moving and high quality sewing. Max speed can up to 12m per min.
Tape Edge Machine (YT-WBP-01-A)
Length*Width*Height   2850mm*1860mm*1600mm          
Total Power         1.5KW
Power Supply 3-Phase 380V 50Hz
Total Weight                               1100KG
Mattress Thickness                        50-450mm
Sewing Needle Height                   110-1230mm
Sewing Speed Adjusted by Transducer                  Max 12m/min
Overall Size                            2815x2415mm
Frame                              2250x1850mm
Table Size                               1600x2000mm
Table Automatic Lifting Range       ≤400mm
Angle of Sewing Head Auto Adjusting 35°-55°
Electromagnetic clutch controlling