Tape Edge Machine (YT-WB-03-A)
Tape Edge Machine (YT-WB-03-A)
  • Tape Edge Machine (YT-WB-03-A)
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Tape Edge Machine (YT-WB-03-A)

Tape Edge Machine (YT-WB-03-A)
1. Adopt advanced high-speed chain stitch sewing head, fit for mattress height 30-430mm,
2. Three sizes of working table are optional 
3. Variable speed for moving of carriage and sewing, auto-slowdown at corners. Straight, even and attractive seam.
4. Speed is 5-12 meters per minute.
Tape Edge Machine (YT-WB-03-A)
Length*Width*Height   2380mm*1400mm*1650mm       
Low noise, stable performance
Equipped with level-adjusting device
Straight, even and attractive seam
Total Power 1.2KW
Productivity 15units/h
Power Supply 3-Phase 380V 50Hz
Total Weight 598KG
Table Lifting Range 140mm
Overall Dimension 2380x1400x1650mm
Thickness of Mattress 30-430mm
60- 430mm
Table Size 1560x 1960mm