Semi-Auto Spring Assembling Machine (YT-CW-02)
Semi-Auto Spring Assembling Machine (YT-CW-02)
  • Semi-Auto Spring Assembling Machine (YT-CW-02)
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Semi-Auto Spring Assembling Machine (YT-CW-02)

1.This machine is mainly used for assembling spring units with springs and helical wire.
2.The parameters such as spring unit size, helical wire diameter, end coil diameter, spring height can be set within a certain range, upper and lower assembling can complete simultaneously, according to different size of jaws.
3.Auto cutting and clenching can be realized at both ends of helical wire, auto-stop when helical wire jammed.
4.Operation is easy and simple by one person, capacity 60-80 sheets / 8 hour
Length*Width*Height  4775mm*1750mm*1735mm           

End-Coil Diameter
(Different end-coil diameter,use different jaws accordingly)
Jaw Model End-Coil Diameter
68B Jaw 65-68mm
78B Jaw 66-75mm
A Jaw 76-85mm
C Jaw 85-90mm

Total Power 2.95KW
Productivity 8-10pcs/h
Power Supply 3-Phase 380V 50Hz
Max Width of Unit 2m
Spring Height 80-190mm
Total Weight 1060KG
Helical Wire Diameter φ1.3-φ1.4 mm
Spring Wire Diameter φ2.0-φ2.4 mm
Overall Dimension 3150x1730x1810mm