Panel Cutting Machine (YT-CJ-03-A)
Panel Cutting Machine (YT-CJ-03-A)
  • Panel Cutting Machine (YT-CJ-03-A)
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Panel Cutting Machine (YT-CJ-03-A)

Panel Cutting Machine (YT-CJ-03-A): 
1.Adopting by PLC program, operating with touch screen. 
2.Suitable for mattresses fabrics and other furniture fabrics automatic cutting. Panel or border size and output can be set according to user’s need.
3.Optional use with quilting machine or run separately.
4.Parameters setting through the touch screen, easy to operate.
5.High cutting accuracy with infrared device . 
6.Conveyor belt for discharging, rolling in order to saving labor costs.
Panel Cutting Machine (YT-CJ-03-A)
Length*Width*Height   3800mm*3850mm*2100mm          
Conveyor discharging
Stable performance ,low noise ,high efficiency
Total Power 3.0KW
Power Supply 3-Phase 380V 50Hz
Cutting Thickness ≤80mm
Total Weight 1600KG
Cutting Width ≤2400mm
Overall Dimension 3500x3840x2200mm