Flanging machine(YT-SB-07-A)
Flanging machine(YT-SB-07-A)
  • Flanging machine(YT-SB-07-A)
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Flanging machine(YT-SB-07-A)

Flanging machine(YT-SB-07-A):
Adopt import sewing heads, double-needle five-thread synchronous structure with upper feeding belt and lower feeding dog system, and auto oiling system. Fit for 30mm width material and 10-100mm thick material. Rotate the button to realize thin and thick material flanging switch easily. Flanging speed can reach 15-30m/min.
Flanging machine(YT-SB-07-A)
Needle cooling system
Japanese J∪KI sewing head
Auto lubrication system
Push-button type regulator
Double straight needles design
Presser foot and position needles can be controlled, low noise, stable performance
Total Power 750W
Power Supply           Single-Phase 220V 50Hz
Flanging Width 30mm
Needle Gauge 19mm
Stitch Length 2-5.5mm
Max Rotating Speed 2500RPM
Flanging Thickness 10-100mm
Needle 0.5-0.8Mpa
Lubrication Shell C 10 Spindle