Flanging Machine(YT-SB-05-B)
Flanging Machine(YT-SB-05-B)
  • Flanging Machine(YT-SB-05-B)
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Flanging Machine(YT-SB-05-B)

Flanging machine(YT-SB-05-B):
The machine is mainly used for flanging mattress panel, and could sew together with non-woven fabric.Adopting double-needle four-thread synchronous structure with strong cloth feeding system ensuring feeding precision and stitching perfect seams.Using the import needle position motor and control box to better control the sewing speed, equipped with pneumatic auto presser foot and encoder, stable performance with low noise and small vibration.
Flanging Machine YT-SB-05-B
Total Power 560W
Power Supply 3-Phase 380V 50Hz
Flanging Stitch Length 15mm
Stitch Length 2-6mm
Max Rotating Speed 2200RPM
Needel Model B64/TV64
Flanging Thickness 30-60mm
Air Supply 0.5-0.8 Mpa