Edge banding machine YT-WB-05
Edge banding machine YT-WB-05
  • Edge banding machine YT-WB-05
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Edge banding machine YT-WB-05

1.Adopt PLC program control and full touch screen operation, easy to control.
2. Fit for mattress height 60-450mm
3.Sewing head auto lifting and reset, speed auto slow down at corners, mattress proceed by belt driving, auto flipping when one side finish and machine push it back to sewing head .Thus higher efficiency and less labor are realized.   
4. Capacity can reach 12-18 units per hour.
Length*Width*Height  4050mm*4000mm*1950mm   
Automatic turning at corner
Adapt to different height of mattresses
Applicable to mattress thickness 60-450mm
Total Power               4KW
Conveyor Motor Power               0.75KW
Productivity                18-12pcs/h
Power Supply                                  3-Phase 380V 50Hz/60Hz
Mattress Thickness   60-450mm
Air Supply                0.6-0.8Mpa
Table Size                2000×3950×900mm
Overall Dimension               4000×4050×1800mm
Total Weight                 1450KG  
Standard Mattress Weight               Mattress weight≤70KG 
Over Mattress Weight Customized     Mattress weight>70KG