Automatic Edging Machine (YT-SB-08)
Automatic Edging Machine (YT-SB-08)
  • Automatic Edging Machine (YT-SB-08)
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Automatic Edging Machine (YT-SB-08)

Automatic Edging Machine YT-SB-08
Needle cooling system
Adjustable sewing speed
Japanese Pegasus sewing head
Double straight needles design
Feeding precision and perfect seam
Presser foot and position needles can be controlled, low noise, stable performance
Total Power  750W
Power Supply                   Single-Phase 220V 50Hz
Needle Gauge  19mm
Flanging Width  30mm
Flanging Thickness  10-90mm
Stitch Length  2-5.5mm
Needle  DPX5 22#
Max Rotating Speed  2500 RPM
Air Supply  0.5-0.8Mpa
Lubrication  Shell C 10 Spindle Oil