Automatic Bonnell Spring Coiler (YT-JH-03)
Automatic Bonnell Spring Coiler (YT-JH-03)
  • Automatic Bonnell Spring Coiler (YT-JH-03)
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Automatic Bonnell Spring Coiler (YT-JH-03)

Automatic bonnell spring coiler (YT-JH-03):
1. Specialized in producing bonnell springs for mattress, furniture and seat for automobile upholstery etc. 
2. It consists of the systems for wire delivering, spring coiling, spring delivering, knotting, heat-treating and spring piling. The completion of all spring action output is operated by one person in a work cycle. Spring end-coil diameter, mid-coil diameter, height and wire diameter can be adjusted in a wide range.
3. Simple operation, high degree of automation, stable working performance, 80 springs per minute maximum speed .
Automatic Bonnell Spring Coiler  YT-JH-03
Length*Width*Height 5200mm*2015mm*1950mm 
4 turns, 95mm, height is optional
Total Power 33KW
Productivity up to 80 coils/min
Power Supply 3-Phase 380V 50Hz
Total Weight 2800KG
Average Power 15 KW
Wire Bobbin Max Load 1000KG
Spring Turns 4-6 turns
End-Coil Diameter φ65-φ92mm
Spring Height 120-200mm
Wire Diameter φ2.0-φ2.4mm
Occupancy Area 6400x3500mm
Safety Cabin Dimension 1860x1600x1900mm
Wire Bobbin Minimum Internal Diameter 350mm
Overall Dimension 5200x1600x1900mm
Wire Bobbin Maximum External Diameter 1000mm