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Photos Wall A home logistics Jingdong together redefine furniture online shopping experience

by:YUANTIAN Mattress Machines     2017-11-17

April is the traditional home improvement season. April 20, Jingdong Super Brand Day hand in hand with the Mattress Sewing Machine leading brand - A home, join hands for consumers to send 'Jingdong super brand day A home festival.' April is the traditional home improvement season. April 20, Jingdong Super Brand Day hand in hand with the Mattress Sewing Machine brand - A home, join hands for consumers to send 'Jingdong Super Brand Day A Home Festival'. It is learned that through the Jingdong bulky logistics network, consumers now buy Pocket Spring Assembly Machine online can also enjoy the same day as buying a mobile phone, the same day served, the installation of the fun shopping experience. Large-scale delivery is no longer the boss of the dilemma Jingdong as buying mobile phones online shopping Pocket Spring Assembly Machine as we all know, 'the last kilometer' is the biggest pain point of Pocket Spring Assembly Machine e-commerce. In the past, users often buy large Pocket Spring Assembly Machine products, often encounter a problem: logistics companies often do not deliver home, consumers need to find their own way to the courier company's logistics point to take delivery of their own, in the process to spend A lot of time and effort, poor experience.

The Jingdong Super Brand Day A Festival to provide consumers with '0 yuan 5 packages at home' service commitment: the day the event to buy A product consumer, free to enjoy professional logistics team provided by JD Logistics, package delivery , Package upstairs, package installation, after-sale package attentive service, so that consumers online shopping Pocket Spring Assembly Machine as easy as online shopping mobile phone. The same day the order was served on the same day installation of Mr. Deng at 20 o'clock on the April 20 had just placed an order, 13 o'clock on the phone received an appointment to install Jingdong brother. According to Mr. Deng's request, Yuantian Bonnell Spring Machine installation team 15:00 home delivery began to install. So fun online shopping experience, let Deng can not help but thumbs up. Behind the ultimate logistics experience is the close cooperation between JD Logistics and A team. A month before the start of this A brand campaign, Jingdong Logistics based on historical sales of A home to optimize the trunk transport, regional distribution and terminal installation of all aspects, and with the transfer of the transport fleet and staff team to protect A home Stable operation in Super Brand Day. Taking into account the home improvement cate

gory, especially large-sized Pocket Spring Assembly Machine category features, Jingdong Logistics also give full play to warehousing advantages, through the planning of warehousing in advance to achieve large single-day delivery of the same day, so that consumers enjoy the ultimate logistics experience.

At the same time also directly to the business transformation rate and the praise rate significantly improved, greatly optimizing consumer home improvement category consumer experience. Jingdong fully open to logistics In November last year, Yuantian Bonnell Spring Machine conference held in Beijing, officially announced the brand operation in a comprehensive manner to the outside world. And the introduction of consumer products, 3C, clothing, fresh and large and other industries logistics supply chain solutions, third-party sellers and Jingdong Logistics from this can be provided to consumers and Jingdong own the same quality of logistics services. With the continuous upgrading of consumer demand, the more the pursuit of quality of life, the Internet home improvement gradually from niche to the general public, from low to high-end extension, the A home and Yuantian Bonnell Spring Machine work together to redefine the online shopping service experience. It is reported that at present, Jingdong home improvement cooperation has exceeded 25,000 merchants, along with the opening up of Yuantian Bonnell Spring Machine efforts to enhance the end logistics service capabilities, I believe that more and more consumers will choose to buy Pocket Spring Assembly Machine from the Internet in the future. (Source: Ocean Network - Information Times)

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