Mattress Testing

Foshan Yuantian Spring Mattress Testing Center


Overview of the testing center

Yuantian testing center was invested in construction in 2019 and officially put into operation in December of the same year. On the premise of meeting the customer’s requirements, the laboratory has advanced testing equipment, carries out sampling inspection and analysis on raw materials and finished products in strict accordance with the national industry standards. We have always adhered to quality first,
steadily continuously introduced advanced intelligent testing equipment, and devoted to upgrade the physical and chemical performance testing of raw materials step by step, so as to ensure the quality of products and enhance the quality of your sleep every night.


Advanced testing equipment

The testing center has a number of advanced testing equipment, from raw materials to finished products, the mattress durability tester, coil spring tester, steel wire torsion tester, computer servo double column tensile tester, Martindale abrasion tester, color fastness tester of fabric dyeing, foam flame retardance tester, hand-held odor tester detector and other equipment.


Diversified testing items

There are more than 20 testing items in the testing center, covering the physical and chemical testing of spring mattress, bedding, home textile products, foam, steel wire, spring, panel and other finished products as well as raw and auxiliary materials. According to the customers’ requirements, the laboratory purchased the odor detector to detect the toxic substances with pungent odor.


Spring soft mattress testing

The spring mattress is in strict accordance with QB / T 1952.2-2011. As the core index - durability, the national standard is 30000 times of testing, while the testing center has 70000 times. And the formaldehyde emission of mattress is B ≤ 0.05mg/㎡h under national standard , while the standard of our testing center is B ≤ 0.01mg/㎡h.

Detection instrument