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After-sales service process


step 1

Customer submits the service application

step 2

Yuantian sales person goes through the problems and the needs of service, then, pass the service application to the sales manager

step 3

The Sales Manager audits and approves the application, dispatch after-sales service staffs to provide on site service

step 4

Problems encountered, which need to be handled by responsible  engineers, engineers to provide technical support

step 5

After-sales service staffs provide on-site service according to schedule

step 6

After-sales service staffs solve the problems in customer’s workshop

step 7

After-sales service staffs take comprehensive and detailed service records, which mainly include: the basic information of the customer, the service model, the cause of the failure, the results of the treatment, the precautionary measures, the customer's quality requirements of the product, other demands information, etc

step 8

After-sales Service filings to be kept by both after-sales service department and QC department


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