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news 950,000 solid wood furniture was changed Material court second trial refund 2.85 million YUAN TIAN Photos Wall

by:YUANTIAN Mattress Machines     2017-11-17

Spend 950,000 to buy solid Mattress Tape Edge Machine, but the decoration company replaced the material. After the discovery of abnormalities, the parties filed a lawsuit to the court. After the first trial and the second trial, the mass consumer product quality case finally came to a conclusion: the second instance verdict that the merchant 'returned one compensated three' not only returned the payment in full but also made compensation to the parties 2.85 million yuan Spend 950,000 to buy solid Mattress Tape Edge Machine, but the decoration company replaced the material. After the discovery of anomalies, the parties filed a lawsuit to the court. After the first trial and the second trial, the mass consumer product quality case finally came to a result: the second trial verdict, the merchant 'returned a compensable three', not only returned the payment in full, The parties compensate 2.85 million yuan. Schedules and material inconsistencies order to decorate the house, Zhang Jun (a pseudonym) signed a contract with a company, agreed that the project designer Ma. February 12, 2015 & nbsp; June 7 period, Zhang Jun and his wife Li Li (a pseudonym) in Yubei District, a home shopping mall and home store S Signed Wang, 'Ding / sales orders,' a number of copies, agreed to buy home , Clear door wood for the United States Red Oak; red Oak wood wardrobe doors, red Oak solid wood veneer cabinet panels, all wardrobe back for the camphor wood; logs Siding (North America Red Oak), single-sided door frame Rubber surface), solid wood sliding doors (North American red rubber veneer); material fake a pay ten, the price is 950,000. May 5 the same year, Zhang Jun in the home furnishing shop to provide the whole home wooden doors list of endorsements: Ma design subject. June 7 the same year, Ma's assistant Xiao Liao in the overall household wooden doors offer schedule, the overall household price list signed, the home wooden quotation schedule and the overall home quotation schedule shows the custom home materials and the aforementioned ' Set / sales orders, 'the agreed material is inconsistent. The same year after June 7, Hong boss took over the management of Wang's home store.

Quality problems, sued the merchant fraud The above 'set / sales orders' and the signing of the agreement, the product installation process, Zhang Jun, Li Li custom products appear from the floor, Alice shell, excessive color and other issues . After testing, the door frame lines involved in the product is not all red Oak logs; wardrobe cabinet plate substrate is not solid wood, the skin paste is not red oak skin; wardrobe back is not camphor wood logs; wardrobe drawer paste skin is not red oak skin; Wall panels are not all red Oak logs. Hong boss has received 700,000 yuan purchase price. Zhang Jun, Li Li that there is a fraud in the sale of Hung boss, for which the court asked Hong boss to refund the purchase price 700000 yuan, and compensate 2.85 million yuan. Merchant deposit fraud, refund and compensation 2.85 million court hearing that the family decoration, the material is to ensure the quality of decoration basis. Under normal circumstances, the owners will not authorize the decoration company to choose the material, but will not authorize the decoration company has been identified material replacement. Before and after Zhang Jun and Ma Mou authorized, Zhang Jun and Li Li both set forth explicit material requirements. The authorization of Ma and Mou did not include material confirmation and did not authorize Xiao Liao, so Xiao Liao's signature could not represent Zhang Jun Li Li changed the material. On the other hand, Hong owner did not have any evidence of any justified reasons for changing the original agreed merchandise quality, thus forming a quotation list signed by Xiao Liao; and most of the materials on the schedule were changed from original natural wood to synthetic material. As we all know, both in the market there is a spread, and the list of the original contract of 950,000 yuan the total price has not been changed, obviously not in line with common sense. Hong boss in the implementation of the contract in the implementation of the fraud, the court of second instance Zhang Jun, Li Li's request to be supported, then ordered the return of Zhang Hong Zhang Hong, Li Li 700,000 yuan and payment of 2.85 million yuan compensation.

Large quantities of consumer goods quality disputes have these characteristics: March 9, the reporter learned from the press conference in the Municipal Intermediate People's Court: In 2016, the City Intermediate People's Court heard 162 consumer rights second instance cases. The judge also summed up the large-scale consumer product quality dispute cases of the characteristics of professionalism, high cost of rights. 1. The merchant's wrongdoing is fraudulent. Due to the high technical and professional production of large-volume consumer products, it is difficult for consumers to discern the product quality only based on the appearance of the product. Therefore, when some merchants sell such products, they conceal the real situation of the products and thus mislead the consumers to purchase the products ; 2 higher consumer rights costs. Because of large-scale goods in the production of technical expertise, consumers prove that businesses need fraud with the identification of accreditation bodies conclusion, identification costs increase the cost of consumer activism. Remind consumers to do a good job of safeguarding their rights. 1. During the transaction, pay attention to reviewing the sales and operation qualifications of sellers, to understand the products in detail to the sellers, and read the rights and obligations and default provisions of both parties when signing the contracts; Pay attention to keep merchant's introduction of products, receipt / delivery vouchers, fixed / sales orders, payment of purchase vouchers, transfer details, product manuals and other evidence; 3 for verbal commitment and promotion of sellers should be required to provide And promotional materials in line with the promises and promotional content or fixed in the form of relevant content; 4. When consumers want to pass the appraisal agencies assess the product should be commissioned by a qualified agency, and in the agency's appraisal Commissioned within the scope of identification. (Source: Chongqing Morning Post)

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