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Yuantian is qualified by the management system of intellectual property rights.

Since the start of standard work of the management system of intellectual property rights on June.17,2017,the relevant departments of Yuantian Corporation has organized everyone in the company to study and train the knowledge related the intellectual property rights and made the relevant intellectual property management manual and system.On October 20,the company launched the interior audit of the intellectual property rights and did the corresponding records and reports.In the year of November.18,the company launched the exterior audit of the intellectual property rights.After the strict review process from the third party company,finally Yuantian was afforded a certificate awarded<Intellectual Property Management System>by Beijing Ltd in the year of December,13.

As the leader in the field of Chinese bed machinery,Yuantian Company is still working hard at it.So far we have owned 34 patents of invention,26 patents of appearance designs and 28 patents of utility models.We will research and develop more and more new products and technologies with independent intellectual property rights,enhancing the core competitiveness of new products in order to provide more efficient product for mattress manufacturers all around the world.

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