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Holding a love heart,the Li Shui Towm added 35 young volunteers - YUANTIAN volunteer service team was officially established tod


       Nowadays, more and more people like to do volunteer, more and more people to participate in volunteer service.Today,We have 35 more loving young volunteers in Li Shui Town.

       On the morning of October 14th, FOSHAN YUANTIAN MATTRESS MACHINERY CO.,LTD has held the inaugural meeting of the volunteer service team and the first session of the member congress, and formally established the volunteer service team of YUANTIAN company.The volunteer service team of YUANTIAN is composed of members of YUANTIAN party branch, the labor union members, youth corps committee members and the company worker of a total of 35 people volunteered.

After the founding, volunteers group will be based on the spirit of "hold world with virtue", to "learn Lei Feng's spirit, tree civilized practices, to build better homes" for service tenet, with their own actions, devote their love to the society and the people who need help, to become the life-blood of spreading love, serve the society, to undertake greater social responsibility.

Deputy secretary of the party branch of YUANTIAN company,the trade union chairman, league branch secretary and the company 25 volunteers took part in the inaugural meeting,general manager Li Hongye showed up and gave a speech ,announced the YUANTIAN volunteers group formally established.

 A total of seven groups were set up by the volunteer service team of YUANTIAN, including the chief, the member service group, the union service group, the league member service group, the activity co-ordination group, the planning publicity team and the logistics support group.At this conference, the first election of the volunteer service was conducted and the results were announced on the spot.Li Deqiang, chairman of YUANTIAN company,served as the captain of the volunteer service team,Party member service group leader was served by Ou Qiaofeng,the union service group leader by Huang Zuanlong, member service group leader was Li Hongye,activities coordination group,planning propaganda group,logistics group leader by Feng Chengyi, Li Jianshu, Yang Feng respectively.

As a member of the volunteer,general manager Li Hongye made a pep talk on behalf of YUANTIAN company’s chairman Li Deqiang.He pointed out that the volunteer service is a kind of unpaid, unrequited service, which required volunteers to have the spirit of helping others and giving to them, because the society was made up of each individual, and when one of them was trapped, others could give a helping hand without asking for the reward, and the whole society wouldl be warmed up and would inevitably form a harmonious society.This is also the value of the "Great virtue bears all things" advocated by YUANTIAN company,that is, only taking on more responsibility, can have more material and spiritual wealth.These are also the original intention of yuantian volunteers.

At the meeting, all the volunteers read and studied the management rules of the volunteer service team of YUANTIAN. Volunteers will help others, serve the society,and practice the spirit of volunteerism, and build a harmonious society of solidarity, mutual assistance and equality of friendship with love and action.

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