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Grasp the European and American industry revitalize opportunity Yuantian have 30% raise of European and American customers


From March 28 to 31, 2018, Foshan Yuantian Mattress Machinery Co., LTD participated in the "41st China (Guangzhou) International Furniture Fair" held in Guangzhou (Pazhou). In this exhibition, Yuantian company is closely related to the opportunities of industrial revitalization in Europe and the United States, carefully planned and precise marketing, and the visiting European and American customers have increased by 30% compared with previous years.


Large booth to show the world's leading products are popular.


Yuantian company booth located in Canton Fair Complex (Pazhou convention and exhibition center) zone B, hall 13 , 1 / f, C02, covers an area of 522 ㎡, fine decoration, equipped with LCD screen uninterrupted broadcast company's latest product information and promotional company new production, the scene show mattress production process and the various solutions, sales and after-sales also shows the brand of key customers of domestic China market as well as oversea customers, makes the high quality customer confidence in the source field products.


Li Hongye, the company general manager, said Yuantian has accumulated many years of the world's leading technology and the brand has a high reputation in the world. This time, the company’s outstanding momentum and diversified means have been used to promote corporate and product promotion, making the European and American customers feel refreshed. Company has exhibited a large number of industry-leading of the mattress machinery products, including high-speed automatic pocket spring production line DZH - 6, PLC bonnell spring units production line TX - 012, automatic flip up tape edge machine WB-5, single needle quilting machine DZHF-1G, conveyor, over locking machines, etc, comprehensively demonstrated the company's latest research and development achievements in new product development and new technology introduction. Complete and world-leading bed machinery products have been consistently sought after by new and old customers from all over the world.


Precision marketing wins a lot of good orders

At the exhibition site, the company's General Manager Li Hongye, Deputy General Manager Yang Sufang, and Operations Director Zhang Jingmao and other company leaders went to the scene to direct, constantly pushing the sales rhythm to one climax after another. Company management and strong internal and external sales team, after-sales team together with customers interaction, sharing successful experience, to solve development problems.


As the United States vigorously promote the return of manufacturing, they pay more attention to the supporting models of mattress production line produced by Yuantian. As the cost of importing semi-finished products and finished products increases, European enterprises are considering localization production, and European customers come to negotiate more. European and American customers believe that Yuantian company has been focusing on research and development for several decades, its products have been continuously innovated, well and worldwide recognized quality, as well as its full series products, which can realize one-stop shopping. Customers from South America believe that Yuantian products are cost-effective and good quality. European and American customers have been in the field thumb up Yuantian products, and signed a large number of orders.


And from Vietnam old customers Ms. Liu, who has been cooperated with Yuantian more than 15 years, after seen the automatic production line with conveyor towards industrial 4.0, has raised up great interesting on this updated China Made mattress production conveyor. Ms. Liu told us Industrial workers are at high cost, high mobility, when she come back after the exhibition, they will seriously consider adding a set of Yuantian customized designed mattress production line, to promote their own factories of industrial upgrading and improve production efficiency.


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