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Double Sewing Heads Flanging Machine ds5b heavyduty sewing YUANTIAN Mattress Machines

Double Sewing Heads Flanging Machine ds5b heavyduty sewing YUANTIAN Mattress Machines

Company Advantages
1. The Mattress Flanging Machine weighs Double Sewing Heads Flanging Machine for Multi-function Flanging Machine version. LS-320 Lockstitch Multi-Needle Mattress Quilting Machine greatly simplifies the transmission structure, prolongs the service life and reduces the maintenance cost
2. YUANTIAN Mattress Machines & Equipment’s flanging machine china quality embrace the ISO procedures set in place by the quality department. The Mattress Quilting Machine of YUANTIAN offers mattress manufactures the advantage high speed heavy duty stitching coupled with Computer Control ensuring simple operation
3. All technical parameters as per OE specifications for flanging machine manufacturers are strictly adhered to while testing. The parameters such as spring unit size, helical wire diameter, end coil diameter, spring height can be set within a certain range.
4. Movable pocket spring buffer/Quickly & expediently to feed pocket springs, YUANTIAN Mattress Machines & Equipment Offers All single-needle quilting machine products, Mattress Flanging Machine With The Best Quality And Lowest Prices.
5. YUANTIAN Mattress Machines & Equipment is constantly pushing the boundaries of china computerized multi-needle and multi-functional quilting machine engineering and design. The machine applies all servo transmission structure on the head, which is the most advanced technology in the world.

This machine is mainly used for flanging mattress panel and over-thick fabric. It can also sew non-woven fabric together with the panel.

1. Japanese JUKI sewing head.

2.Double straight needle design.

3. With auto lubrication system ensuring sufficient lubrication;With cartridge oil filter, easy for replacement &cleaning.

4. Push-button type stitch length regulator, no need for changing the cam.

5. With thread &needle cooling system, thread &needle can be lubricated and cooled by C10 oil,avoiding the thread &needle breakage as well as thread leaping.

6. Double-needle-five-thread synchronous structure and strong cloth-feeding system ensuring feeding precision and perfect seam. 

7. The sewing speed is controlled with imported needle position motor and control box.

8. Equipped with pneumatic auto presser foot, equipped with special encoder to position needles. Low noise, small vibration, stable performance.


Company Features
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