Professional Mattress Machinery Manufacturer in China Since 1982

          In accordance with the principle of “in favor of the company, of the employees, and the construction of the Party”, the Party branch of the company sets up the regulation of the Party-related work, promoting the quality of the members of their branch, organizing kinds of beneficial activities, highlighting the modeling role of the members of the Party, and making them the core force of promoting the continuous development of the company.


          Member of Foshan City and Nanhan District, Model Worker of Guangdong, Outstanding Party Branch Secretary of Grass-roots Level of Guangdong, Outstanding private entrepreneur contributing to Party construction of Foshan City, Outstanding Party Worker of Foshan, as well as been selected as a Party representative of Foshan and a deputy to the NPC in previous sessions.

          The logo of Yuantian is composed by the “water” in the character “Yuan” and the character “Tian” in a simple but elegent composition showing a strong sense of modernization and beauty. The circle at the outer round of the logo stands for completeness and auspice in traditional Chinese culture; the white nets stand for mattress as the product of the company; the lower part looks like two leaves and upper like a flower bud, representing the vitality of the company. The logo also reflects the traits of Yuantian as a natural ecological factory, possessing garden-like factory with blossoms and harvests with fruits. The logo is designed with the standard color of blue, expressing the product as industrial scientific machinery. Blue also leads to the association to science, speed, as well as sky and ocean.


          Improving the corporate culture competitiveness, enhancing staff cohesion, Yuantian gives its employees a sense of belonging in the new cultural environment. The company also developed its corporate cultural strategy named “the Project of Soaring”, with the message of “Loving Yuantian, Contributing to Yuantian, and a Soaring Yuantian”. With the summary, integration and promotion of the company’s corporate cultural and thought system, Yuantian established its manual of “Yuantian Corporate Culture Strategic Framework” and published its own newspaper, which becomes the main carrier of the company’s culture and the bridge of the communication of the employees. These moves helped the company increase the employees’ understanding of corporate culture and enhance cohesion.

          Yuantian makes system planning, giving the employees their chances to improve themselves, protecting their rights, caring their spiritual life, fulfilling their life, helping with their difficulties, establishing a harmonious atmosphere so that it promote the stability of the organization.


          Yuantian hires talents not in any particular type or style. As a private family business, Yuantian always select and cultivate its employees under the code of moral and abilities. All the employees in managing positions are selected from among the workers from the production line and are deeply trusted no matter in what positions.


          Interests of the employees are highly protected. Yuantian strictly obeys the laws and regulations in employees’ salaries, social security, labor security and social benefits and other aspects, giving a good guarantee to the employees. Meanwhile, the company continues to build a high-standard industrial district, improving the working and living environment for its employees.

          Employees of the company have rich and fulfilled spare time and spiritual activities. Every year, Yuantian holds different activities for its employees, for instance, a lucky draw and get-together dinner during the anniversaries of the factory, big get-togethers of the women workers in the Women’s Day, basketball competitions in the May Day, learning and commonweal activities in July 1st, the Party’s Day, a travel for the whole crew in August, tennis, badminton, Karaoke, and chess competitions in October which draw the attention of the most employees, and the opening of the Party Activity Room, computer room, reading room, game room, Karaoke room, writing and painting room, catering the spiritual needs of the employees.

          The company persists to help the employees in need with its all strengths. To the employees who face family issues, health problems or in injury, the company calls on and expresses sympathy and caring.


          The company expands the channels of communication by setting up mailbox of the general manager, setting up a reward system for good advices, encouraging the comments and suggestions from the employees. Furthermore, the company solves the problems put up by its employees, building up a virtuous circle of maintaining the inter harmony of the company and bringing better profits.

          Yuantian utilizes many forms of methods to persistently undertake the training and educating of its employees. Every year the company invites experts and professors to train and promote the advancement of the employees in aspects of marketing skills, operating skills, lean management. The internal training is normalized which is required with training records, accessing, and results, which is linked to the employees’ salary, in order to initiate them. In recent years, the company has had excellent results in many kinds of skill competitions, showing the achievement of the continuous training of its employees.


          Learning from difficulties and failure, waiting for new opportunities, the company never satisfies. With over thirty-years’ efforts and practice, Yuantian now possesses more than 160 patents, has developed four national industrial standards, has received the fame of Famous Trademark of China, and has set up the province mattress machinery engineering and technical research and developing center and a postdoctoral workstation. It has gradually become a production base with R & D, production, sales all in one and with the whole set of upholstered  mattress machinery equipment, and it is the biggest upholstered furniture machinery manufacturing enterprises with most varieties of products in China or even in Asia.

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