Aug 03.2021

Faced with the coming back of COVID-19 from May 2021 to July, the people of China again jittery. In this case, in order to take the initiative to control the company's internal epidemic prevention standards aga

Jul 08.2021

YT-WB-5A parameter introduction: Total Power:4KW Productivity:18-12pcs/h Power Supply:3-Phase 380V 50Hz/60Hz Mattress Thickness:60-400mm Air Supply:0.6-0.8Mpa Overall Size:4050×4000X1950mm Work Table

Jun 23.2021

In this battle, Yuantian will resolutely win the people's war, the general war and the war of resistance against the epidemic with stronger confidence, stronger will, more decisive measures and more positive at

Jun 10.2021

Parameters of YT-LL-1: Max Rotating Speed:1800RPM AvaiIabIe Thickness of Fabric: 5-25mm Available Size of Fabric: ≤2100mm NeedIe Pitch:30-50mm TotaI Power:8KW Power SuppIy:AC220V/380V, 50Hz/60Hz Air Pre

May 21.2021

Automatic Glue Spray Line(YT-PJX-01): 1.The machine is controlled by PLC with full touching screen operation. 2.It is specially designed for automatic production line of hot melt adhesive in mattress industry.