Nov 27.2020

Tape Edge Machine (YT-WB-6): 1.Adopt PLC program control and full touch screen operation. 2.Adopt overlapping design for upper and lower layers to save the space occupied by machines. 3. High-s

Nov 13.2020

Popular Hot Selling Machine - Tape Edge Machine (YT-WB-04-A) 1. The equipment is controlled by PLC program, 2. The machine head can be selected according to your preference: no shuttle high-speed sewing machine head,

Oct 28.2020

               Yuantian calligraphy and painting exhibition On September 28, Yuantian company, Nanhai Branch of Guangdong couplet calligraphy and painting

Oct 26.2020

Protest together, all people come to fitness Fun sports meeting held successfully! In order to further strengthen the physical and mental health of employees, Nanhai agency office and Lishui Town Federation of tra

Sep 29.2020

            Welcome the Mid Autumn Festival and celebrate the National Day. Also ushered in the Annual National Day and the Mid Autumn Festival, this year's two festivals are o