Yuantian Multi-Needle Quilting Machine YT-HF-03-A

Parameters of YT-HF-6:

Total Power:7.0KW
Power Supply:3-Phase 380V 50Hz
Quilting Thickness:≤80mm
Stitch Length:1- 6mm
Total Weight:5800KG
Quilting Width:≤2400mm Max
Rotating Speed:1400RPM
Overall Dimension:6540x5900x2470mm
Needle Array Pitch:25.4mm/10" (12.7mm/5" optional)

140x140               140x140

Performance of YT-HF-03-A:

1.Adopting WINDOWS system, easy for operation.
2. Quilted pattern is visualized and exquisite.
3.Suitable for quilting mattress panel and border, and car seat covers etc.
4. Controlled by Servo motors. Drawing is available by CAD file and scanning document.
5.Has the function of offset correction and Infrared ray checking detection.
6.180-360 degrees patterns tack and jump, automatic thread cutting.
7.Automatic detection operation mode, maximum Rotary speed reaches to 1350RPM.
● Jump quilting
● Split hook design
● Correction function
● CAD drawing method
● Windows system
● Button control spindle
● Thread breakage detection device

140x140          140x140         

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