Yuan Tian company hit hard, this Year will focus on the launch of automatic mattress PUBLIC relations

Yuantian Company set a precedent for the industry and this year it will focus on the introduction of fully automatic mattress pr
Yuantian Company set a precedent for the industry and this year it will focus on the introduction of fully automatic mattress pr
In view of the current market, most customers face several major problems:
1.Lack of professional workshop planning and low space utilization;
2.The production site is chaotic and there are security risks;
3.Machinery suppliers can not provide the comprehensive range of mattress machinery;
4.The quality of the same machine on the market is uneven;
5.The production process can not achieve automatic production, labor costs are high;
6.The production process is difficult to monitor. 


Yuantian Can Do:
Customized Design of AutomaticMattress Production Workshop
1). Customize automated production workshop layout design;
2). Equipped with the necessary machinery according to different production processes;
3). To provide a fully automatic mattress transport line with high speed, high reliability and easy maintenance;
4). Provide consulting information for automatic collection of information;
5). Yuantian professional after-sales team offers related service.

At the same time, Yuantian three major mattress machinery series(spring units machinery series, quilting and sewing series, auxiliary machinery and tools series), 36 varieties and over 100 models of products have covered full processes of mattress production, providing customers with the most comprehensive mattress automated production equipment. After sales, there is a strong and professional after-sales service team that can provide customers with equipment installation, commissioning, technical training, maintenance and repair, parts supply and other services. From the most fundamental solution to customers upgrading industrial facilities, production capacity, one-stop shopping needs.

After-sales service
Professional team, efficient and fast after-sales service No Trouble back home
1. To provide users with equipment installation, commissioning and technical training services;
2. To provide customers with maintenance services。
(1) If there is a problem with the machine, you can communicate online with the salesperson to solve the problem in real time;
(2) We can provide on-site services. After customers apply service, we will send professional after-sales engineers to solve the problem;
3. Responsible for the supply of exchange spare parts.

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