Yuantian Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition


Yuantian calligraphy and painting exhibition

On September 28, Yuantian company, Nanhai Branch of Guangdong couplet calligraphy and painting academy,
held an elegant gathering, full of high-ranking guests and improvisational writing.The garden, the spring water,
the fish, the green mountains and the water are full of poetic flavor. The famous calligraphers and painters show
their elegant demeanor in the company's painting and calligraphy room. With their vigorous strokes and the
artistic conception of floating like clouds, we can appreciate the broad and profound Chinese traditional culture
and art.



Floating like a floating cloud

The famous calligraphers' calligraphy works can be traced back and forth. One by one lifelike, flying dragon and
Phoenix painting works have already appeared on the paper, showing the unique stroke, structure and shape of
Chinese characters.



Color with ink and ink with color

       The fragrance of paper and ink, the calligraphers and painters are flowing freely and vividly, which fully
demonstrates their painting attainments. A painting and calligraphy meeting is not only a collision between
art and design, but also a discussion on the future development of culture and art.

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