YT-BZ-5A Mattress Roller Packing Machine

Total Power : 30KW
Power Supply : 3-Phase 380V  50Hz
Package Material : PE/PVC
Range of Mattress Thickness : 8-40cm
Max Width of The Packing PE : 2800mm
Max Width of The Roll-Pack PVC : 2000mm
Working Pressure  :0.6-0.8Mpa
Range of Roll-Packing Diameter :250-420mm
Total Weight  :15 tons
Maximum Length of Mattress :Max Length 2130mm
Max Width :1930mm
Roll-packing method Compressed Rolling
Compressed Folding
Packaging Mattress Types:Pocket Spring Mattress(Without Border Frame),Foam  Mattress,  Latex Mattress

High efficiency
Adjustable number of parameters
Microcomputer control
Automatic operation

Product information:

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