What is the Magic Weapon of Enterprise Marketing in the Internet Era?Creative Thinking Lecture Hall Has Entered Lishui Yuantian.


What is the Magic Weapon of Enterprise Marketing in the Internet Era?
Creative Thinking Lecture Hall Has Entered Lishui Yuantian

In order to improve the marketing skills of our staff, we launched the "Internet plus marketing strategy" theme hall for creative thinking, inviting the executive director of the China Planning Institute and the vice chairman of the Nanhai lecturer group, Chen Rongbiao.

"Internet innovation has become the general trend of the whole society". In terms of what, why and how to do it, Mr. Chen analyzed to our employees how the enterprise marketing is reflected in the background of the Internet era, why it should seize the Internet opportunity to promote marketing, and how to use Internet means to boost marketing.He said that the Internet has changed from a tool to thinking, culture and attitude towards work and life. Therefore, judging whether an industry has potential depends on how far away it is from the Internet.

Cannot do without the Internet, Internet plus a tiger with wings added to marketing. During the epidemic period, the role of the Internet has been shown incisively and vividly. Whether it is to be able to know the world's affairs without leaving home, to meet relatives and friends through software, or to help product sales through live e-commerce, all of which are strong evidence.

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For how to better use the Internet platform to improve the level of enterprise marketing, put forward three keywords: user first, experience is king, disruptive innovation. In the past, we often heard a saying: "the customer is God." today, it is out of date. When explaining the key words of "user first", the teacher also shared his unique opinions. He believes that it is indeed necessary for enterprises to maintain good relations with consumers in order to highlight the affinity of enterprises and enhance the stickiness of users. However, in today's era, the relationship between producers and consumers has gradually tended to be balanced. Both sides should maintain an equal relationship, and enterprises still need to pay attention to the most important income issue.

In the wonderful speech just given by the teacher, there are two biggest gains: one is the importance of pictures; the other is to innovate constantly. " Lu Xiang, an employee of our company, said that in the era of Internet, the fragmented reading and the "big explosion" of text information make people dazzled, while the pictures of "catching eyeballs" make people more interested.
Therefore, both the pictures of products and web pages need to present the best visual effect as far as possible. Innovation is the first driving force for the development of an enterprise and an important part of maintaining the vitality of the enterprise. Therefore, the employees themselves should maintain the professional spirit of bold innovation and constantly learn, think and create.

-The article is reprinted from the Pearl River times


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