What is the difference between Spring machines with different axis numbers?

Generally speaking, complex elastic elements, such as circlips, tension springs, torsion springs, and wire forming products, can be broken down into four basic structures: circles, arcs, straight lines, and corners. The biggest feature of the Spring machine is that it can arbitrarily be combined with four structures through the cooperation between the different axes of the machine. So, what is the difference between Spring machine with different axis number?
  Three-axis Spring machine: Most of the previous Spring machine equipment is dominated by three-axis, that is, the wire feed shaft, the engine camshaft and the rotating mandrel, and the relative forming effect is limited. It uses an independent AC servo motor to control the wire feeding part. The eight cams on the control panel are all operated by an AC servo motor driver. Each corner knife has only the corners in the single-formed plan view, and the relative forming effect is limited. , And the position of the cam must be adjusted manually, which is complicated.

Five-axis Spring machine: It is basically the development trend of the three-axis Spring machine. Most of the conditions are similar to the three-axis Spring machine. Each corner knife of the machine is not restricted by a single plan view, and can form three-dimensional corners, which has a stronger forming effect and can maintain more complicated forming.

Multi-axis camless Spring machine: It is an excellent Spring machine at this stage. Compared with the previous two Spring machines, each cam on its control panel is operated by a separate AC servo motor driver, which makes the adjustment of the machine and equipment easier. change. And each knife can maintain the random stroke arrangement and random speed of the victory or defeat according to the program. A large number of shafts make the forming effect more flexible and stronger, which can meet the various spring processing requirements at this stage and is highly efficient in production. Has a big improvement.

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