What are the characteristics of Spring machines with different axis numbers?

As the processing requirements of spring products are constantly changing, Spring machine equipment is constantly improving, so Spring machines on the market are gradually developing in the direction of four-axis, five-axis, six-axis, and multi-axis. Spring machines with different numbers of axes What are the characteristic differences?

Before understanding the difference in the number of axes of the Spring machine equipment, let me briefly describe the "shaft" in the Spring machine. The "shaft" represents the connecting transmission device between the supporting parts, and the servo motor drives the linkage device. During work, the number of axes will affect the accuracy, molding effect and processing efficiency of the Spring machine.

Three-axis Spring machine: Most of the previous Spring machine equipment is based on three-axis, that is, the feeding shaft, the cam shaft and the rotating mandrel, and the forming function is relatively limited. It uses a single servo motor to control the wire feeding part. The eight cams on the panel are driven and controlled by a servo motor. Each corner knife can only form a corner in a single plane. The forming function is relatively limited, and manual adjustment of the cam is required. Phase, debugging is more complicated.

Five-axis Spring machine: This is developed on the basis of the three-axis Spring machine. Most of the conditions are similar to the three-axis Spring machine, but the revolving shaft and the crimping shaft are added to the original three-axis spring machine. Each corner knife is not limited to a single plane, it can form three-dimensional corners, has a strong forming function, and can achieve more complex forming.

  Multi-axis camless Spring machine: This is a very advanced Spring machine equipment. Compared with the above two Spring machines, each cam on the panel is driven and controlled by an independent servo motor, making the equipment debugging easier. Moreover, each tool can be advanced and retreated at any stroke and at any speed according to the program. More axes make the forming function more flexible and the forming function more powerful, which can meet the current needs of various spring processing, and the production and processing efficiency has been greatly improved. .

The difference in the number of axes of the Spring machine not only has a greater impact on the processing and processing efficiency, but also these differences in use will also be reflected in the price. The price of the multi-axis camless Spring machine is relatively higher, so companies must purchase Spring machine equipment. Make a reasonable choice according to your own needs.

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