The Yuantian Company Held a Friendly Basketball Match on May 1!!!

The Basketball Competition

        The most beautiful April day in the world. Everything comes back to life in spring, but a sudden outbreak of covid-19 has disrupted the pace of work and life around the world. During the fight against the epidemic, yuantian company in the resumption of work and production at the same time, a total of difficulties, yuantian company Li De Qiang chairman still do not forget to give employees to sponsor 30,000 yuan funds for a basketball game. It provides a sports platform for the participating teams to display their skills, enhance their physique, delight their mind and body, and strengthen their bodies. Basketball competition has become a brand of the enterprise culture of yuantian! For 38 years, this basketball event has never stopped!

        The grand opening ceremony of the May Day basketball game was held at 7 PM on April 15, 2020. General manager Li Hong Ye gave a speech. Eight teams took part this year. They are sales team, baojin team, production team, comprehensive team, bed equipment department, research and development team, production team and production team. The 8 colors are dazzling when they appear on the stage, which is the largest number of teams in the past. This year's competition system is quite special without seed team, draw lots directly into two groups of small A-B for single cycle competition system, and then the top two of each group enter the final four, using 1 pair,2 pair 2 to determine the top four. As a result, four strong teams were drawn in the same district. The other four weaker teams are in the same district.



         When the strong meet, who will die? The stronger the strong, the weaker the weak. Every game is tough.Looking at the overall draw, I have predicted the top four teams. As an amateur referee, I am very familiar with each team's playing style and individual's technical characteristics.Each team has 1-2 leaders with good individual skills and solid basic skills. If the level of the team will see their spot detection. The winner is the one whose state is good and whose psychological quality is excellent. The most enjoyable and competitive match of the whole competition is the two matches between the sales team and the bedding department and the sales team and the production team. The competition process is quite intense, attack and defense at both ends of the battle of wits! The score went up alternately! The scene is very hot! Results the sales team under the leadership of Li Ji Ye and Lu Zhen Jie go all out, calm, steady, learn from each other, encourage each other, calmly! Especially the team soul Lu Zhen Jie game is very calm, can be outside, can attack can defend can rob, the hit ratio is quite high, it is an all-around warrior! Under the leadership of general manager Li Hong Ye and Chen Min Jie, the bedding department has been leading the sales department for a long time. However, due to the physical decline of the key players and the limited level of other players, unfortunately lost to the sales team by a few points. And by Zeng Jian Hong and Gao Wei Peng two big center's cooperation to occupy the advantage of the field to obtain the unexpected opening with a 5-0 advantage to open the prelude. However, the main center was injured and left the court while fighting for the rebound, which affected the competitive advantage of the whole game. The mood changed and the fight was chaotic and disorderly. Production team long lack of a point guard, resulting in the loss of a crucial battle!What a pity!




R & d team hit rate is very low, by Kong Xiang Wei a breakthrough score. The security team and the comprehensive team than turn lucky to draw a good sign smoothly into the final four. The security team has determined the position of the top 2 with the group first. The most comprehensive team leadership, but can play a good person, Liu Zhen Feng became the team's rebounder and help king. The production of the second team and the production of the third team is really close, under the leadership of Wu Xiao Gang and Lai Shan Bin, although not as good as the people, but enjoy the joy of basketball brought them a lot of happiness! It doesn't matter if you win or lose. The spirit is admirable!

        Here, I am very grateful to Li De Qiang, chairman of the board, and yuantian company. Each team gives me a good opportunity to practice and learn, and give full play to my strengths! To be civilized, accurate, fair, just, open, and strive to successfully complete the work of the referee! Thank you for your cooperation! The playground of yuantian company looks especially beautiful in the background of the sleep culture museum! Every wonderful moment has been reflected in my mind, vividly!


Security guard: li yuxue
April 24, 2020

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