The Automatic Mattress Machinery of Yuantian

Nowadays, the times are constantly advancing. No matter how the industry can only keep improving, it will not be eliminated. Only when technology and equipment have made progress can we gain an advantage in the industry competition. The automatic mattress machinery was invented under this situation. 
Why do customers give bad reviews to the mattress? In addition to the service attitude, there is another point about the quality. The quality problems are especially damaged. Most of them are because the equipment has not been improved. A good automatic mattress rim machine has a mattress automatic turnover buffer mechanism. Especially for heavy mattresses, it can effectively reduce the impact force, increase the service life of the machine, avoid damage to the mattress, and reduce the failure rate.

The automatic mattress equipment produced by Yuantian Company conforms to CE standards, has an automatic oil injection system, and the upper and lower layers are integrally welded without glue bonding, and the structure is stable, environmentally friendly and tidy. Not only can the labor cost be reduced, but also the production speed can be increased. The biggest advantage is that its spring system is suitable for the gradually supporting double-layer mattress of the human body curve. Founded in 1982, Yuantian is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of mattress machinery and spring mattresses, providing users with detailed solutions for the mattress industry. Focusing on the research of mattress machinery for nearly 40 years, the automatic mattress equipment produced is well-known in many countries and regions around the world for its easy operation, stable performance, safety and reliability, and high production efficiency. It has obtained multiple certificates and honors. The trust and recognition of customers.

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