Staff Games - Speed and Passio

Protest together, all people come to fitness
Fun sports meeting held successfully!

In order to further strengthen the physical and mental health of employees,
Nanhai agency office and Lishui Town Federation of trade unions held a "protest together, all people come to fitness" workers' sports meeting on the afternoon of September 25.
From the town's 50 staff teams before the source of the field sports field competition.

In the competition, all the athletes worked together and fought tenaciously, which fully demonstrated their positive spirit.
The content of the Games is rich, the atmosphere is strong, and the staff are full of enthusiasm.
They have set up such projects as winning the flag, passing down the torch, helping each other in the same boat, uniting and cooperating, etc. in the sports field, they laugh one after another. They put down their previous busy days and put themselves into group activities to experience the fun of sports and understand the team spirit.

This interesting sports meeting is warmly participated by the vast number of Lishui employees, and the wisdom and strength of entrepreneurs are flashing everywhere.
We can see that the employees are united and busy, and present the wonderful picture of the contestants' all-out struggle, "start again after forging ahead in the new long march of entrepreneurship"! Fun games, let us adhere to physical exercise, maintain a good state, with high morale to start a new Long March,Thanksgiving and strive to start a new journey,
open a new chapter, cast new glory!

Thank you again for your hard work for this interesting sports meeting!

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