Sewing machine classification and function 1

Sewing is the process of forming stitches involving needles and threads. Sewing machine is a textile machine used to sew fabrics or other materials together with threads. The sewing machine was invented during the first industrial revolution to reduce the amount of manual sewing work carried out in clothing companies.

Industrial sewing machines distinguish themselves from household sewing machines through the diversification of bed and feed types, computerized functions and the possibility of integrating auxiliary tools. The bed type of the sewing machine is very important for optimizing operation, while the feed type can ensure perfect quality, while computerization can eliminate the non-value-added elements, and work aids can reduce operating skills.

Sewing machine classification:
Sewing machines are generally considered to be general jobs. From the perspective of their technical characteristics, sewing machines can be divided into:

Basic sewing machines include machines that sew with lock stitches and multi-thread chain stitches. These are mainly used to lock pins to fix apparel components that will not withstand large loads during wearing. Clothing parts that are subject to higher loads during wear require basic sewing machines with multi-thread chain stitches.

Special sewing machines for specific technical operations are proposed, which can be classified according to function, such as sewing machines for pocket pipes, zippers, knitted fabrics, etc., as well as types and types of stitches other than 301 and 401 stitches. Type, with blind stitches, zigzag stitches, used to install pockets, etc.

The sewing machine is a complex professional machine. The main features of these machines are the ability to perform automatic sewing when placing the fabric and starting the machine, cutting the thread after sewing, releasing the fabric and other functions

The sewing system is in an advanced sewing machine. They have all the functions of automatic sewing and facilitate the automatic execution of two or more sub-operations.

CNC sewing machine refers to a machine that automatically guides the fabric like an automatic sewing machine and a sewing system but follows a predetermined seam contour. Digital data is stored in the computer's memory.

The robot sewing system has a multi-functional manipulator, which can be reprogrammed and designed to achieve easy sewing.

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