Problems that may occur during the use of the edge banding machine

What are the factors that affect the effect of edge banding machine:
one. The moisture content of wood generally requires that the processed wood boards be kept dry. If the moisture content is high, it will not only affect the efficiency of processing, but also have a great impact on the quality of the product.

Two. Choose the quality of the glue, the edge banding machine works fast, if the glue is not good, it will undoubtedly be a very big interference to the quality of its work. This requires it to have good initial adhesion and strong bonding.
three. The amount of hot melt glue should be extruded outside, otherwise it will affect the appearance.

four. There are higher requirements for indoor temperature during processing. Generally speaking, it should reach 15 degrees or more. This is because the edge banding machine has certain requirements for the flexibility of the edge banding, and the temperature is the main influencing factor.
five. The quality of edge banding also has a greater impact on the effect of edge banding.

     The above five points are the factors that affect the effect of edge banding machine.

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