Popular Hot Selling Machine - Tape Edge Machine (YT-WB-6)

Tape Edge Machine (YT-WB-6):

1.Adopt PLC program control and full touch screen operation.
2.Adopt overlapping design for upper and lower layers to save the space occupied by machines.
3. High-speed chain stitch sewing head, imported one is optional
4. mattress height 60-450mm , fit for various mattresses  
5. Simplified operation through the automatic control for the sewing head, automatic adjustment for the mattress height, and automatic pushing mattress.
6. Capacity can reach 45-60 units per hour.

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Parameters of YT-WB-06


Total Power                                              18KW
Power Supply                                           3-Phase 380V 50Hz/60Hz
Productivity                                               960pcs/8h
Total Weight                                              10,000KG
Mattress Thickness                                   60-450mm
Air Supply                                                  0.6-0.8Mpa
Overall Dimension                                     22000×4000×3500mm
Mattress Size                                             2200×2000-1200×900mm
Mattress Weight                                         ≤85KG


YT-WB-6 has been loved by many partners since it was launched.
This product has been upgraded comprehensively both in appearance and technology,
which greatly improves the production efficiency, meets the needs of customers and friends,
and is recognized by the market.

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