packing machine packaging manufacturers need to pay attention to its maintenance

Each time the system runs automatically in the default mode, it will first automatically detect to confirm whether all the cylinders are in the reset state. If they are not in the reset state, the system will alarm and reset all the cylinders at the same time; and when the system is from automatic When the running state is switched to manual operation state or the two states are switched over, all cylinders will be automatically reset (that is, corner folding, pushing, shaping, easy-pull thread, upper folding, lower folding, cutting, and blowing are all reset to the initial state) ; In order to keep the air pressure in a normal state, when the air pressure is insufficient, the system will have a prompt message to inform the user that the air pressure is insufficient and the system will not start; the entire system provides two emergency switches, once an emergency occurs, press the emergency stop button, The system will all stop and all operations are prohibited. All operations will not be carried out until the emergency stop button is restored after the fault is removed.

If you want to make it more perfect, you can check the equipment regularly. It is best to keep the room clean and tidy once a month. Don’t let the acids and other corrosive gases contained in the atmosphere flow in it. When it is damaged, it should be repaired at any time. Do not make the transparent film packing machine work again. Keep the whole machine clean and tidy, apply rust-preventing oil, and cover it with a cloth when it is not in use.

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