New Appearance Update of Yuantian Automatic Selvedge Machine in the New Year YT-SB-9

Deng! Deng! Deng! The magic 2020 has finally become the past, and 2021 is also coming in our joy and expectation. At the same time, Yuantian's mattress machinery and equipment also join us in a new journey.The first is our hot product of the season - Automatic selvedge sewing machine (yt-sb-9). In addition to being technically reliable as always, it has also changed new clothes to meet you.

Parameters of YT-SB-9:

Max Rotating Speed:500RPM     Working Efficiency:30-60 pcs/hour

Flanging Thickness:10-60mm      Flanging Width:30mm

Stitch Length:2-6mm                    Needle Gauge:19mm

Needle:DPX5 22#                        Table Size:4142×2603×942 mm Size:142×3015×1443mm             Power Supply:3 Phase 380V

Air Supply:0.6-1.0Mpa                 Sewing Motor Power:0.55KW

Feeding Motor Power:0.025KW  Conveyor Motor Power:0.75KW

Total Power:3KW                          Total Weight:1078KG


Performance of YT-SB-9:

1.Fully-automatic conveying worktable, operating easily, improving the quality of the finished products with high work efficiency 2.When the fabric rotates, no need to manually push and pull the fabric in order to reduce the labor operator intensity effectively 3.Automatic non-woven fabric feeding, feeding fabrics accurately when sewing, no slippage between upper and lower layers
4.PLC program control, full touch screen operation, simple interface operation, easy to operating
5.Presser foot automatic lifting with pneumatically control. Needle position controlled with precision sensor. Operation stalely with low noise
6. Fillet the stainless steel platform to avoid bumping.
7. The bottom bolt and the top triangle lock are fixed, which makes the disassembly and assembly convenient.


This year's machine in the realization of simple operation, accurate feeding, PLC program control, smooth operation and other technologies, on the basis of this machine's appearance, we also carried out a comprehensive update, color matching using the original main color gray as the main tone, Yuantian blue as an embellishment, and increased the color changing LED light processing, will automatically change the color according to different operating conditions. So that the operator can understand the changes of the machine operation in time, and greatly reduce the previous visual fatigue, but it really achieves the principle of sharing the worries for customers from the technology and giving customers comfort from the appearance.

You think that's the end? Wait, don't row! We have another piece of good news! New year, new discount! Sincerely from the "heart", interested customers and friends quickly poke the background or scan the QR code to contact us!


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