Mattress Zipper YT-LL-1 of Yuantian Star Products

Parameters of YT-LL-1:

Max Rotating Speed:1800RPM
AvaiIabIe Thickness of Fabric: 5-25mm
Available Size of Fabric: ≤2100mm
NeedIe Pitch:30-50mm
TotaI Power:8KW
Power SuppIy:AC220V/380V, 50Hz/60Hz
Air Pressure:0.6-0.8Mpa
OveralI Dimension:4200x4200x1650mm
TotaI Weight:800KG


Cantilever zipper machine(YT-LL-01)

1.The machine is used for simultaneous sewing zipper to two panels of mattress fabric.
2.Double-needle sewing head adopted. When two panels passing through the sewing head, the zipper is symmetrically sewn to the mattress panel.
3.The sewing head and the down-feeding parts are controlled by servo system, and the feeding and sewing are synchronous and powerful.
4. Pneumatic adjustable down-feeding, suitable for different thickness fabric, running stable.
5. Maximum speed up to 2800RPM, high productivity and efficiency.


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