Congratulations a Perfect Ending in CIFF Fair of Yuantian Mattress Machinery Co., Ltd

    Yuantian mattress Machinery Co., Ltd. participated the 45th China International Furniture Fair (Guangzhou) from July 27th to 30th and with a Successful ending.
    This exhibition is one of the most important projects of Yuantian Company in the national release of the epidemic reduction. We showcase the newest products in that show, list as below.





                   Tape edge series YT-WB-3-A, YT-WB-4-A, YT-WB-5-A
                   Zipper machine YT-LL-01
                   Flanging machine YT-SB-09
                   Cutting flanging machine YT-CS-03
                   Stacker machine YT-DB-01
                   Roll package structure of YT-BZ-05.



    Customers sent great praise to the products and placed orders in the booth.
    In the exhibition layout, we also provide customers with the latest VR material and the latest filmed mechanical product videos of our company, so that customers can be as immersive as our company's factory even if they are far away in Guangzhou.
    In this information era, we keep up the step with the trend and try our best to make customers know our products and operate them easily, solve the problems in time with of on-line after sales system timely with truly technological, simplistic and humane.    
    Our products have made new and old customers full of confidence in the cooperation with Yuantian with superb technology and time-saving operation. We are proud of this, and we are determined to be more committed to the development and launch of high-quality and technical products in the future.
    Thanks again for the coming of all customers, you all give us strong motivation to develop us in a higher and better direction!

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