Automatic Mattress Spraying Line YT-PJ-1

Automatic Glue Spray Line(YT-PJX-01):

1.The machine is controlled by PLC with full touching screen operation.
2.It is specially designed for automatic production line of hot melt adhesive in mattress industry.
3.Adopting imported 30KG large-capacity melting box, intelligent process, which improves product quality and work efficiency, lower production cost, labor-saving, to realize rationalization and automation of production.
4.Customized production processes, satisfied customers for different production capacity and different classes of mattress production.

●Customized to different product processes requirements
●High temperature resistant silicone conveyor belt
●Automatic Edge Positioning for spraying


Main Technical Parameters:

Glue Tank Capacity:30L (Optional Swiss Robatech orAmerica Nordson)
Total Power:19Kw
Power Supply:3-Phase 38oV 50Hz(Customized)
Air Pressure:0.6-1.2MPa
Overall Dimension:14500x3410×1950mm(including working table and conveyor )

Mattress Size Range


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