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A Letter to Yuantian Customers


Dear Customers,


    This is Mr. Hongye Li, the General Manager of Foshan Yuantian Mattress Machinery Co., Ltd. (Yuantian). Since my father, Mr. Deqiang Li, started his business in 1982, Yuantian has gone through 36 years and become the first brand of mattress machinery in China. Our products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions over the world. The achievements we got could never be separated from your support and encouragement. Hereby, I sincerely thank you for all your continued support to Yuantian!

    Since 2017, I have been working as the general manager, taking over Yuantian's daily business management. Inheriting my father's faith of concentrating on doing industry and building strong enterprise with top brand, I will give full play to the knowledge and ability gained from my study abroad, to formulate a sound business policy for Yuantian. I will also determine the direction of future development and carry out the work of transformation and upgrading for this corporation. My father, Mr. Deqiang Li, will continue to serve as the chairman of Yuantian, guide my work, and exercise the highest decision-making authority over the company.

    At present, Yuantian has fully implemented the MES (Manufacturing Execution Management) system and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, matched with the ERP  (Enterprise Resource Planning) and OA Office Automationsystems, and formed a comprehensive information management to advance toward the industrial 4.0 intelligent manufacturing. At the same time, in order to improve production quality and strengthen internal management, Yuantian applied and met the latest version of ISO9001 for quality management and ISO14001 for environmental management certification, and successfully passed. Besides, Yuantian has established an intellectual property management system to encourage research and development and innovation, and is committed to bringing more quality and efficient products to the industry. It is worth mentioning that Yuantian has also set up the Yuantian Sleeping Culture Museum, which aims to build and explore a sleeping culture. We look forward to working with the industry for further improvements of our sleeping products.

    After long-term technology accumulation and continuous innovation, Yuantian can now provide our customers more than 100 different models, 36 varieties and 3 series of mattress machinery. We also offer overall design layout of automatic mattress production line, tailor made high-quality and efficient mattress production workshop, leading customers to transform and upgrade mattress production.

    In the future, Yuantian will continue to deepen our development in the mattress machinery industry, aim at the highest international standards, increase investment in technology research & development as well as equipment innovation, and continue to make greater contribution to the industry with customized and high-quality services. We aim to be the most comprehensive expert in mattress production solutions.

    We hope to have more of your support and trust. Together with you, we will make continuous efforts to achieve our mutual benefit.

hank you again for all your support!


Hongye Li

Foshan Yuantian Mattress Machinery Co., Ltd.

Sep. 1st, 2018


Deqiang Li the Chairman of Foshan Yuantian Mattress Machinery


the Chairman (and his wife) of Foshan Yuantian Mattress Machinery

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