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SA-330  High-speed Multi-needle Quilting Machine

SA-330 High-speed Multi-needle Quilting Machine

 L/C T/T
Yuan Tian
Overall Dimension: 4800×1250×2050mm
Power Supply: 380V 50HZ
Total Power: 7.5kw
Machine Weight: 6672Kg
Quilting width: 2400mm
Quilting thickness: ≤80mm
Needle type: 140/22  160/23  180/24
Stitch length: 1~6mm
Speed: 1300RPM
Output: 60~250m/h

1、Use Windows system,easy operation,pattern and quilting is visualized and finesse.

2、Adopt CAD drawing,can scan the pattern and input to computer,as well as design new patterns at will.

3、Program has the functions of offset correction and amplitude correction.Thus patterns could be quilted precise and perfect.

4、Machine was designed and made for steady running.It can work high-speed and stable for durability.

5、It has automatic infrared ray checking function to thread breaking,and can stop automatically if thread break.

6、Complicated 360°、180°patterns could be done,thread is cut automatically.

7、Use imported servo motors,which have high precision degree.

8、You can set the quilting length and output,the machine would stop automatically after finish larget.

9、Computer will show the course of quilting and inspects run mode automatically.



Hello, What is the price of the LS-320 Lockstitch Multi-Needle Quilting Machine and the SA-330 High-speed Multi-needle Quilting Machine. Thank you in advance. Achak Mohamed
2017-09-06 22:07:07

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