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DN-6  Automatic Pocket Spring Assembling Machine

DN-6 Automatic Pocket Spring Assembling Machine

 L/C T/T
Yuan Tian
Productivity: Pocket spring unit,15~20 pcs/h
Power Supply: 3Ph 380V 50Hz
Air Consumption: 0.1m3/min
Total Power: 9.0kW
Air Pressure: 0.8~1.2MPa
Spring Shape: Barrel and Cylindrical Shape
Spring Height: 120~220mm
Main machine: 3692×1650×2000mm
Whole machine (including working table): 5000×3500×2000mm
Spring Unit Width: ≤2100mm
Spring Mid-coil Diameter: (50~70)mm
Non-woven Width: 700~2100mm
Non-woven Size: Outer Diameter≤750mm,weight≤150Kg

DN-6 Digital Controlled Pocket Spring Assembling Machine is used for assembling pocket spring rows with/without non-woven covers. Operator just needs simply and continuously to put pocket spring rows onto the conveyor device. The machine will automatically deliver, reorganize springs, spray the glue, press and join the spring rows until a complete spring unit is finished. It will also cut the pocket spring unit to the set size automatically and push it out. During the whole process, the operator does not need to put the spring rows in good order. The width of pocket spring unit is simply adjusted by the wheel adjustment structure and clamping belt speed. Conveyor belt position is adjusted electrically by gear motor jogging, in order to adapt to different pocket spring height accordingly. This has simplified the conversion procedure, increased productivity and saved labor. It will be the most ideal and popular equipment for pocket spring mattress production.

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